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Achieving Home Comfort and Efficiency in Sharon, PA with Polaris Thermal Weld Windows

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Considerations When Changing Windows

Choosing to replace windows in a home is not a decision made lightly. Homeowners must consider a myriad of factors, from energy efficiency and durability to aesthetics and cost. Inferior windows often lead to poor thermal performance, resulting in escalating energy costs and uncomfortable living conditions. Further, deteriorated window frames or panes can detract from a property's curb appeal and overall value.

However, the prospect of replacing windows can be daunting for many homeowners, filled with technical jargon and a vast array of options. This is where professional guidance and expertise, like that offered by MVP, becomes invaluable.

At a recent project in Sharon, PA, MVP installed a series of Polaris Thermal Weld windows, including 3 two-section sliders (2SS) and 8 double-hung (DH) windows, all featuring dual pane, Low E glass filled with argon gas. These windows, renowned for their high quality and performance, offer excellent thermal efficiency and visual appeal, perfectly aligning with the homeowner's needs.

Preparing Your House for Replacement Windows

Before a window replacement project, homeowners often ask, "How do I prepare my house for replacement windows?" While MVP handles the heavy lifting, homeowners can take several steps to ensure a smooth, efficient process. This includes clearing the work area around each window, both inside and out, removing window treatments, and deactivating any window-connected security sensors.

When MVP visited the Sharon, PA home, the team also installed a three-section slider (3SS) in the porch area, along with multiple DH windows upstairs and in the family room. Each installation involved a meticulous process, ensuring the homeowner's property was respected and the area left clean and tidy post-installation.

Key Questions About Impact Windows

A major point to consider during window replacement is the need for impact windows, particularly in regions prone to extreme weather conditions. Homeowners often wonder about the benefits of these windows and the right questions to ask.

Impact windows, while not installed in this specific project, offer superior protection against heavy storms and potential break-ins. They are engineered with a special layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two layers of glass, making the windows highly resistant to shattering.

Choosing The Right Window

When buying new windows, it's crucial to look for factors like energy efficiency, durability, ease of use, and aesthetics. In this Sharon, PA project, MVP selected Polaris Thermal Weld windows, known for their outstanding energy efficiency thanks to features like Low E glass, argon gas fill, and dual panes. These windows not only reduce energy costs but also enhance the indoor comfort and aesthetic appeal of the home.

Best Time to Replace Windows

While window replacement can be performed any time of year, certain seasons may offer more convenience than others. Spring and fall often present ideal conditions, with mild weather that helps ensure the comfort of the home during installation. However, reputable companies like MVP work year-round, employing strategies to minimize heat loss or gain during installations in extreme temperatures.

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