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Addressing Challenges with High-Quality Window Installation in Warren, Ohio

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The Challenge: Energy Inefficiency and Heat Loss

One of the major challenges faced by homeowners in Warren, Ohio is the issue of energy inefficiency due to heat loss from windows. This problem arises when the windows installed are of poor quality, lack necessary insulation properties, or are improperly fitted, leading to a significant loss of heat during the chilly winter months. The consequent increase in energy use to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature often results in skyrocketing energy bills, making it a pressing issue for homeowners.

Aesthetically, the look and feel of a home can be significantly affected by the type and style of windows installed. Dated, unattractive windows can detract from the curb appeal of a home, making it less appealing not only for the residents but also potentially reducing the home's value. This makes window selection an important aspect of home improvement, further complicating the issue for homeowners in Warren, Ohio.

The Solution: Polaris T-Weld Double Hung Windows

Recognizing these challenges, the solution we provided was the installation of 11 Polaris T-Weld DHs (Double Hung windows), white with contour colonial grids on every window and every sash. Double Hung windows are a type of window featuring two sashes (the part of the window that holds the glass and can move) in the window frame that move up and down. They provide excellent ventilation, are easy to clean, and give a classic look to any home.

Benefits of Polaris T-Weld Double Hung Windows

These windows come with double pane glass with Low-E (Low emissivity), a type of coating that reflects radiant infrared energy back to its source, thereby minimizing the heat transfer through the window. This feature significantly aids in reducing energy costs by preserving the heat within the house during winters and keeping it out during summers.

Additionally, these windows are filled with Argon gas, a colorless, odorless, non-toxic gas that is denser than air. When trapped between the window panes, Argon gas acts as an excellent insulator, further enhancing the window's thermal performance.

Every window sash is foam filled, adding to the insulation and thermal performance of the windows. The foam acts as an excellent barrier to heat transfer, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Finally, the windows are fitted with half screens, allowing for ventilation while keeping insects and other unwanted elements outside.

Each of these features combine to form a window system that is not only energy efficient, but also aesthetically pleasing and capable of increasing the value of the home.

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