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Basements: Underused Spaces with Potential and Challenges

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Basements often provide a significant amount of square footage, but their usability is frequently compromised due to various factors. Moisture problems, lack of natural light, and structural limitations are a few of the common obstacles that homeowners encounter when attempting to make their basements more functional. Particularly, installing a bathroom or a shower in the basement is a task that comes with its unique set of challenges.

Drainage and plumbing issues often top the list. Because basements are below grade, conventional plumbing methods can't be used. Water doesn't flow uphill, so pumping it out of the basement becomes necessary. Moreover, maintaining the right temperature in a basement bathroom or shower can be tricky. Basements tend to be cooler because they're underground, and without proper insulation and heating, a basement shower can be uncomfortably chilly.

MVP Home Improvements' Solution: Stand Up Shower Replacement

To tackle these challenges head-on, MVP Home Improvements recently replaced a shower in a basement in Pulaskia, PA. The MVP team removed the old shower and installed a new stand-up shower. Stand-up showers are an excellent solution for basement bathrooms because they take up less floor space than traditional bathtubs, which is a significant advantage in basements where space can be limited.

Attention to Detail: Material and Color Choices

The new stand-up shower was fitted with acrylic walls in a sophisticated silver white marble finish. Acrylic is a popular material choice for shower walls due to its durability and easy maintenance. It is resistant to cracking and chipping, making it ideal for high-use areas like showers. In addition, its non-porous surface makes it resistant to mold and mildew, which are common issues in basement bathrooms due to their tendency to be damp. The chosen color, silver white marble, imparts an elegant and timeless look to the shower, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the basement bathroom.

Functional and Stylish Fixtures

The shower pan, the base of the shower, was updated to a new one in gray. The shower pan is critical for water containment and drainage, preventing leaks and potential water damage to the basement. The gray color of the shower pan complements the silver white marble of the acrylic walls, creating a cohesive and modern look.

The fixtures were replaced with new ones in brushed nickel. Brushed nickel fixtures are a versatile choice that match well with a variety of color and material choices. They are also known for their durability and resistance to water spots and fingerprints, making them a practical choice for a shower.

Shower Caddy and Access Panel

The new shower was also equipped with a shower caddy and an access panel. A shower caddy provides convenient storage for shower essentials, helping keep the shower area organized and clutter-free. The access panel allows easy access to the plumbing behind the shower wall, facilitating maintenance and repairs without the need to cut into the wall.


The stand-up shower replacement by MVP Home Improvements not only improved the functionality of the basement bathroom in the Pulaskia, PA home, but also enhanced its visual appeal. With thoughtful material and color choices, and practical additions like the shower caddy and access panel, MVP transformed a challenging basement space into a comfortable and stylish bathroom.

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