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Comprehensive Window Installation and Design Enhancements in Warren, Ohio

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Window Installation and Design Enhancements: Overcoming Aesthetic and Energy Efficiency Challenges

The MVP Home Improvements team recently finished a comprehensive window installation and design project in Warren, Ohio. This entailed the installation of 11 Double-Hung (DHs) and 2 Slider (3Ss) Polaris windows, all of which were enhanced with several features to boost energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetics.

Detailed Description of the Project

The scope of the project involved the following components:

1. Polaris Windows Installation

The team installed 11 Double-Hung (DHs) and 2 Slider (3Ss) windows. These types of windows offer convenience in cleaning (as they can be tilted or slid) and also provide better ventilation.

2. Tan Color Scheme

The windows were finished in a tan color, a neutral shade that not only enhances the home's visual appeal but also matches various architectural styles.

3. Double Pane Glass with Low E and Argon Gas

Each window was fitted with double pane glass, a type of glazing that contains two layers of glass for increased insulation. These windows were also filled with Argon gas and coated with Low-E (Low emissivity) to further improve energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer.

4. Screens and Fiberglass Insulation

Screens were added to the windows to allow for airflow while keeping insects out. Fiberglass insulation was also installed to further enhance the thermal efficiency of the home.

5. Aluminum Coil Around Windows

This design feature, also known as window capping, protects the window's wooden parts from elements, thereby prolonging their lifespan.

6. Warm Sandlewood Shutters with Raised Panel

To further enhance the home's curb appeal, warm sandlewood shutters with a raised panel design were installed. This addition not only adds a touch of elegance but also increases privacy.

Benefits of the Project

This comprehensive project brought numerous advantages to the Warren homeowner, including improved energy efficiency (thanks to the double pane glass, low E, argon gas, and fiberglass insulation), increased property value, and enhanced curb appeal through the tan Polaris windows and warm sandlewood shutters.


MVP Home Improvements can help you overcome home design and energy efficiency challenges with comprehensive window installation and design enhancement services. Whether you are located in Warren, Ohio, or the surrounding areas, our team can provide you with top-notch solutions tailored to your needs.

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