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Kitchen Refacing in North Lima, Ohio

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For homeowners in North Lima, Ohio, seeking to refresh their kitchen's appearance without the expense and hassle of a complete remodel, MVP Home Improvements is the go-to local expert for home renovation solutions. Recently, a North Lima family opted for a kitchen transformation by choosing MVP Home Improvements to perform cabinet refacing, which included new doors and drawer fronts, new drawer boxes with soft-close glides, crown molding, new pantry doors, and a lazy Susan. The results have been nothing short of remarkable.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing:

One of the most significant aspects of the North Lima kitchen renovation was the cabinet refacing. MVP Home Improvements provided the family with new doors and drawer fronts, instantly updating the kitchen's look without replacing the entire cabinet structure. This cost-effective solution not only gave the kitchen a fresh appearance but also increased the home's value.

New Drawer Boxes and Soft-Close Glides:

To further enhance the kitchen's functionality, MVP Home Improvements installed new drawer boxes with soft-close glides. This upgrade ensures smooth, quiet operation while preventing accidental slamming, which can damage both the drawers and their contents.

Crown Molding and Pantry Doors:

MVP Home Improvements understands that attention to detail is crucial when it comes to home renovations. The addition of crown molding to the kitchen cabinets added an elegant touch, elevating the kitchen's overall aesthetic. Furthermore, the installation of new pantry doors contributed to the cohesive and updated look of the space.

Lazy Susan for Added Convenience:

To maximize storage and accessibility in the North Lima kitchen, MVP Home Improvements installed a lazy Susan. This practical feature allows the family to easily access items stored in hard-to-reach corner cabinets, making the most of their available space and enhancing the kitchen's functionality.

Professionalism and Customer Satisfaction:

MVP Home Improvements takes pride in offering exceptional service and quality craftsmanship to homeowners in North Lima, Ohio. Their experienced team worked closely with the family to ensure that every aspect of the kitchen renovation met their expectations.

The family praised MVP Home Improvements for their professionalism, attention to detail, and outstanding results, which exceeded their expectations and breathed new life into their kitchen.


If you're a homeowner in North Lima, Ohio, considering a kitchen renovation, look no further than MVP Home Improvements for cost-effective solutions and high-quality results. Cabinet refacing, upgraded drawers, and additional features such as crown molding, new pantry doors, and a lazy Susan can significantly transform your kitchen space. Don't wait to invest in your home's future – contact MVP Home Improvements today and discover the difference expert craftsmanship and outstanding customer service can make.

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