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Liberty, Ohio: Enhancing Garage Accessibility with Treated Wood Steps and Decking Wall Entrance

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MVP Home Improvements recently completed a garage entrance improvement project in Liberty, Ohio. Our team installed treated wood steps, a 3'x12' decking wall entrance, and a wooden handrail to enhance the accessibility and functionality of the garage. In this post, we'll explore the details of this project, address the challenges it resolved, and outline the benefits it provided to the homeowner.

Treated Wood Steps and Decking Wall Entrance Installation:

The MVP Home Improvements team installed the following features for the Liberty, Ohio homeowner:

  1. Treated wood steps: These steps are made from pressure-treated lumber, which resists decay, insect damage, and weathering, ensuring durability and longevity.
  2. 3'x12' decking wall entrance: This decking wall entrance, also crafted from pressure-treated lumber, creates a stable, slip-resistant platform leading to the garage.
  3. Wooden handrail: The handrail is constructed from treated wood, providing additional support and safety for individuals using the steps.

Addressing Challenges and Providing Benefits:

The garage entrance improvement project tackled the following challenges:

  1. Inadequate accessibility: The previous garage entrance lacked proper steps and handrails, making it difficult and potentially unsafe for individuals to access the garage.
  2. Poor weather resistance: Untreated wood can be susceptible to rot and insect damage, leading to a compromised structure and increased maintenance costs.

By addressing these challenges, the project provided the following benefits to the homeowner:

  1. Enhanced accessibility: The treated wood steps, decking wall entrance, and handrail make entering and exiting the garage safer and more convenient.
  2. Increased durability: Pressure-treated lumber has improved resistance to the elements and insects, ensuring the steps and decking wall entrance remain structurally sound for an extended period.
  3. Improved aesthetics: The new entrance not only improves functionality but also adds visual appeal to the garage exterior.


If you're looking to improve the accessibility and functionality of your garage entrance in Liberty, Ohio, MVP Home Improvements has the expertise and experience to help. Our team is skilled in crafting treated wood steps, decking wall entrances, and handrails that enhance safety and durability while providing an attractive addition to your home exterior. Contact MVP Home Improvements today to discuss your garage entrance project and learn how we can make a difference in your home.

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