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Revamping Patio Doors in Youngstown, Ohio: From Old to New with Polaris SGD and Alabaster Mini Blinds

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The Challenge: Outdated Patio Doors and Inefficiency

In many homes in Youngstown, Ohio, outdated patio doors pose a significant challenge. Old patio doors not only deteriorate in aesthetic appeal over time, but they also often lack the insulation and efficiency features found in modern doors. This means that homeowners may face increased heating and cooling costs due to air leaks and drafts. Additionally, older doors may also present security vulnerabilities as their locks and hardware can become compromised over time.

Along with the doors themselves, older window treatments like blinds can also pose problems. Traditional external blinds are prone to damage from weather and use, require regular cleaning, and can detract from the clean lines and design of a modern patio door. These issues often lead homeowners to question if there are more efficient and aesthetically pleasing solutions available.

The Solution: Polaris SGD with Alabaster Mini Blinds

To overcome these challenges, MVP installed a Polaris Sliding Glass Door (SGD) with integrated Alabaster Mini Blinds. A Polaris SGD is known for its superior quality, energy efficiency, and durability. It not only enhances the aesthetics of a home but also significantly reduces energy loss, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs.

Now, to the question, "What are blinds between glass called?" These are known as integrated blinds or enclosed blinds. In this case, the Alabaster Mini Blinds are sandwiched between the dual glass panels of the SGD. This positioning shields the blinds from dust and damage, significantly reducing the maintenance required and extending their lifespan.

The placement of the blinds raises the question, "Are blinds better on the inside or outside of the window?" In this scenario, having the blinds inside the window, or in this case, the door, offers several advantages. Besides protection from dust and damage, the internal positioning also allows for smooth operation, better light control, and a cleaner appearance.

Balancing Home Security and Energy Efficiency

With the installation of the Polaris SGD with a deadbolt lock in an aged bronze handle, security concerns are aptly addressed. This high-quality lock system ensures that the door provides robust resistance to forced entry, enhancing the overall security of the home.

The SGD also features a foot lock, adding an extra layer of security. This lock can be easily engaged and disengaged by foot, adding to the convenience without compromising on safety. Moreover, the door has an integrated slide for the blinds, allowing homeowners to adjust light and privacy levels easily.

As to the question, "Should you leave blinds open or closed when not home?" With internal blinds, homeowners have more flexibility. Closing blinds when not home can provide additional security and privacy. On the other hand, opening blinds can allow natural light to enter, giving an appearance that the home is occupied. With the integrated slide, adjusting the Alabaster Mini Blinds is a breeze.

In case of a malfunction, "How do you fix a glass door with blinds inside?" While internal blinds are typically more durable and less likely to need repair, if a problem does arise, it is best to contact a professional. Many manufacturers offer warranties on integrated blinds, so homeowners should check their warranty information before proceeding with any repairs.

Finally, the MVP team installed new Leaf Relief in the gutters. Leaf Relief is a gutter protection system that prevents leaves and debris from blocking the gutters, ensuring smooth water flow and reducing maintenance needs.

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