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Salem, Ohio Home Exterior Revamp: Addressing Water Management & Aesthetic Challenges with Soffit, Fascia, and Gutters

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In Salem, Ohio, MVP Home Improvements recently tackled a residential project that involved installing soffit, fascia, and new 5" gutters. This revamp addresses two key challenges faced by many homeowners: effective water management and maintaining a polished home exterior.

Understanding the Challenges:

1. Water Management:

One of the primary roles of a house's exterior is to efficiently guide water away from the structure. When the water management system is deficient, it poses a substantial risk to the integrity of the building. Accumulated water can lead to dampness, promoting the growth of mold and mildew. These are health hazards and can also cause substantial structural damage over time.

Another concern is the potential for water to pool around the building's foundation. This situation can lead to serious issues such as basement flooding and the deterioration of the foundation. Without a proper gutter system in place, the home in Salem was susceptible to these hazards.

2. Aesthetic Appeal:

A well-maintained exterior is not just about curb appeal, although that is an important aspect. Peeling or damaged soffit and fascia can make the house look neglected. Moreover, these problems can also become entry points for pests like squirrels and birds that can damage insulation and wiring.

The home in Salem required a facelift. Installing new soffit, fascia, and gutters was a crucial part of enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal while safeguarding its structural integrity.

Addressing the Challenges with MVP Home Improvements:

1. Installing Main House Soffit (the underside of the roof eaves):

Installing a combination of solid and vented soffit panels offered a twofold solution. The solid panels ensure a consistent, clean look around the house. Simultaneously, the vented soffits promote proper attic ventilation, which helps reduce excess moisture and heat, maintaining the longevity of roofing materials.

2. Installing Fascia (the vertical finishing edge connected to the ends of the rafters, trusses, or gutters):

The new fascia provides a smooth, even surface at the roof edge for the attachment of gutters. This ensures that the gutter system is firmly in place, enhancing the home's ability to manage water runoff effectively. Additionally, new fascia boosts the home's aesthetics by presenting a neat, clean line along the roof edge.

3. Installing New 5" Gutters and Downs:

A new 5" gutter system, complete with downs, was installed. The gutters collect rainwater runoff from the roof, directing it to the downs. This system significantly minimizes the risk of water damage to the home's foundation and landscape.


The installation of soffit, fascia, and new gutters on the Salem, Ohio home successfully addressed the challenges of water management and aesthetics. This project underscores the essential role these components play in preserving a home's structural integrity and curb appeal.

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