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Transforming a Sharon, PA Kitchen with Vintage Series Raised Panel Refacing: Tackling Common Kitchen Design Challenges

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MVP Home Improvements recently completed a kitchen refacing project for a homeowner in Sharon, Pennsylvania. The project involved refacing the entire kitchen with Vintage Series raised panel barnwood doors and drawer fronts, featuring black glaze and blond boars. In this blog post, we will discuss the details of this project, the challenges it addressed, and the numerous benefits it brings to the homeowner's kitchen experience.

MVP Home Improvements Kitchen Refacing Project:

The MVP Home Improvements team tackled the following features for the Sharon, PA homeowner:

  1. Vintage Series raised panel barnwood doors and drawer fronts: These unique, rustic doors and drawer fronts transformed the kitchen's appearance, overcoming outdated or worn cabinetry.
  2. Black glaze and blond boars: The combination of black glaze and blond boars adds depth and character to the kitchen, addressing style concerns.
  3. 12 doors and 5 drawer fronts: Refacing all doors and drawer fronts ensures a cohesive, polished look throughout the kitchen.
  4. False front tray: This functional feature maximizes storage space, addressing limited kitchen storage issues.
  5. Laminate toe kick areas: These durable laminate toe kicks protect the cabinetry from scuffs and wear, ensuring longevity.
  6. Brand new drawers: Replacing old drawers with new ones enhances functionality and ensures smooth operation.
  7. Hidden hinges: The concealed hinges provide a clean, streamlined appearance, further enhancing the kitchen's aesthetic.

The Benefits:

This kitchen refacing project offers numerous benefits to the Sharon, PA homeowner:

  1. Enhanced aesthetic appeal: The Vintage Series raised panel barnwood doors and drawer fronts, combined with the black glaze and blond boars, create a stunning and updated look for the kitchen.
  2. Increased home value: A beautifully refaced kitchen is a desirable feature for potential buyers, making this project a worthwhile investment.
  3. Improved functionality: Replacing old drawers and adding a false front tray increase storage space and enhance the overall functionality of the kitchen.
  4. Budget-friendly solution: Kitchen refacing is a cost-effective alternative to a full kitchen remodel, saving the homeowner money without sacrificing quality or style.
  5. Time-efficient: Refacing the kitchen takes significantly less time than a complete kitchen renovation, allowing the homeowner to enjoy their updated space sooner.
  6. Eco-friendly: Refacing existing cabinetry rather than replacing it reduces waste and conserves resources, making this project an environmentally friendly choice.


If you're looking to address common kitchen design challenges and create a stunning, functional space in Sharon, Pennsylvania, MVP Home Improvements has the expertise and experience to make your vision a reality. Kitchen refacing with Vintage Series raised panel barnwood doors and drawer fronts can transform your kitchen into a beautiful, cohesive space that enhances your home's value and style. Contact MVP Home Improvements today to discuss your kitchen refacing project and discover the difference our team can make for your home.

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